If there is anything humorous, funny, or of good retort, or laugh-worthy, we seek after these things.™

Welcome to the Mormon Zone!

Members of the LDS church are often called a "peculiar people."  Well, if they are such a peculiar people, we believe that they deserve an equally peculiar web site. So if YOU are peculiar, this is THE PLACE.

If you are not "peculiar" (meaning you are not a member of the LDS church), you are also welcome. Of course, you might not understand why some of the humor on this site is funny (some of it isn't), but you are welcome anyway.

If you get really stumped and need an explanation for one of the terms we use or the punchline for one of the jokes, feel free to chase down a pair of Mormon missionaries. They are those peculiar young men who ride around in twos on bicycles wearing white shirts and name tags. We know they are a bit hard to catch, but we will let you in on a little secret that will cause them to screech their bikes to a halt. Here's how it works. The next time you see them race by, run out and yell, at the top of your voice, "I WANT TO BE BAPTIZED!" (Seriously! - Try it, and then let us know how it goes).

Note: This site is just "coming alive" after a multi-year death, so come back often as we bring back most of the content that was here previously. If you have any suggestions for this site, please let us know.