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Category: Mormon Top 10 (15)

Ending High Councilor TalksMarriage Proposal RejectionsFeeding the Missionaries
Not Attending an LDS ChurchBooks Never ReadLate to Seminary
Off the Deep EndReasons for EveTemple Attendance
Boring Sacrament MeetingThe Bible as Written by BYU StudentsMormon Pick-up Lines
Things You Don't Want to Hear Your Bishop SayThings Overhead on Noah’s ArkLDS Hymns Beloved by Cannibals

Category: Bible Jokes (46)

Animals on the ArkNoah Going FishingJonah's Feelings
Adam's BirthBible BabysitterAstonished Goliath
What Did Noah Say?Adam and EveAdam and Eve Expelled
Adam's ExcuseMoses WanderingBiblical Baseball
Biblical TennisLights on the ArkAdam and Christmas
Disciplining the ChickensThe Longest DayBiblical Math
John the BaptistBiblical SinnerElder's Quorum Lesson
Primary Lesson - Ten CommandmentsCards on the ArkKing Solomon's Temple
Cain's HatredAdam Stays Out LateAnimals on the Ark
Noah and His NeighborThe Story of MosesThe Story of Elijah
When Did Eve Eat?Man Before Woman?Eve's Conversation
Bible in the MailA Companion for AdamGeorge W. Bush
Biblical HeadlinesPoker on the ArkSugar Please
Fastest Runner in the WorldArk DesignerThe Red Dress
Money Used on the ArkThe Three Wise WomenThe Flight to Egypt
Exiting the Ark

Category: Home Teachers (6)

Cross the RoadHelp YourselfGood Home Teachers
A Home Teacher Goes to HeavenEndearing TermsOriginal Sin

Category: LDS Missionaries (39)

Missionary vs. Bath WaterLarge BladdersMissionaries Only
The Missionary and the BurglarThe Setting ApartPushy Person
GrumpyA Child's PrayerSoap and Water
Getting Rids of the MissionariesThe Missionary and The FrogThe Missionary and the Meatloaf
Sixteen-Year-Old MissionariesRM Crossed the RoadThe Boy's Dog
Missionaries Going in to a BarConverting the Entire TribeDark Suits on Bikes
Slammed DoorMissionary RiddleBaptism by Immersion
The LDS Missionaries and the Lion The LDS Missionaries and the Lion IIThe LDS Missionaries and the Lion III
Come InTwo Mormon Missionaries in AfricaGoods News For the Missionaries
Too Narrow to PassA Typical LDS MissionThe Barber
The Missionaries and the GhostWaiting for Her MissionaryLDS Missionary Like an Elephant
An Investigator with Stomach ProblemsDifference Between an RM and a CannibalVial of Poison
Returned Missionary Eager to MarryReturned Missionary Changes His MindThe Boat is Sinking

Category: The Bishop (24)

Poison ProblemDon't Take it PersonallyWhen Life Begins
How's the Wife?Bishop Runs Over a CatThe Bishop and his New Dog
The Bishop and the Little BoyThe Hijacked AirplaneSacrament Meeting is About to Start
The Idaho Hay WagonThe Chain LetterThe Jack Mormon
The Three EnvelopesNobody Asked to SpeakThe Watermelon Patch
What's for Dinner?Driving Down the HighwayHorseback Riding
The End is NearNewly Released BishopA Bishop's Role
The Cub Scouts and the DogGoods News For the BishopThe Bad Habit

Category: High Councilor (18)

The WatchStuck OilIs He Done Yet?
Five DollarsA Good TalkA Happy Ending
Hit Me Again!Sleeping MormonsWho Shot the Deer?
The High Councilor and the Taxi DriverThe High Councilor's WifeThe Hair Cut
The High Councilor's PrayerUnbearably Long TalkFirst Chapter of Genesis
Peace and LoveLDS Church Now Serves CoffeeQuite A Long Talk

Category: Lightbulbs (12)

Mormons Changing Light BulbsHigh Priests Changing Light BulbsYoung Men Changing Light Bulbs
Elders Changing Light BulbsMormons Changing Light Bulbs 2Bishops Changing Light Bulbs
Home Teachers Changing Light BulbsCallings, Calling, and More CallingsRelief Society Presidents
High Priests Changing Lightbulbs 2Relief Society Sisters Changing LightbulbsMormon Women Changing Lightbulbs

Category: Short Jokes (63)

Gagged and HandcuffedGood Mormon vs. Bad MormonTennessee Mormon
Released From a CallingEvery Worthy Young ManMarijuana on the Stake Farm
More Chicken?Leaves on the TreesNews Article
Families Are ForeverPrimary ChoristerMormon Women
Polygamist Cross the RoadMarriage Counseling BillMormon Kleptomaniac
Wards and VampiresPolygamy EndsSo Many Smiths
HereditaryDyslexic Devil WorshipperDrug Mix Up
The Agnostic and the AtheistMormons and CoffeeAnxious Father-to-be
Articles of FaithNew ChoirLSD and LDS
Dial-A-PrayerDyslexic AgnosticLimit on Togetherness
PaintBYU's SeasonMormons Only
Bride on Her Wedding DayFood StorageSinging in Church
Singing in ChurchSuccess in the HomeBottle of Scotch
The Purple PolygamistNew Church History ExhibitJack Seagull
Proposition 8Pirate MovieAdam was a Mormon
Two Bishops in the After LifeSpencer W. Kimball and J. Golden KimballTwo Pioneers
Mormon Tabernacle ChoirBe Quiet in ChurchMormon Missionary and An Atheist
Air ConditioningMormon WeddingShorter Alphabet
Baptisms for the DeadMormon Pioneer SecretFamous Brigham Young
What does CTR stand for?Brigham's RibsUnrepentent Mormon Aliens
Convicted of PolygamyJerry GarciaCannibals Hate Ex-Mormons

Category: Longer Jokes (51)

The Mormon PatriarchMultiple BirthsGeneology
Show and TellThe College ClassHow Old Was Isaac?
The HeroTaxing AdviceFrazzled Mom
Getting DivorcedThe Whale and the HerringGrandfather and Granddaughter
Jeff ProposedAnti-MormonsHigh Priest Quorum
T-shirtThe Phone CallMulti-Religion Gathering
DefinitionsLong HairScriptural Advice
Scriptural AdviceThe PrayerMormon Football
How Far Back?Family History SayingsThe Limo
Mormon BarbieThe Doctor's VisitWhy Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Ambushed SoldiersMo' MENThree Common Fallacies
True to His FaithCowboy JoeVisitors from England
Too Many ChildrenThe Deer HuntThe Wagon Train
Mormon RestaurantsBrigham YoungThe Three Young Men
Non-Mormon ChoirThe Fishing TripThe Old High Priest
Family History RequestsThe Road to HeberThe LDS Cowboy and His Scriptures
Cowboy Joe Attends ChurchThe Drought in Southern UtahNon-members: A Guide for Utah Mormons

Category: Book of Mormon (9)

Book of Mormon DancingSore KneesKing Lamoni
Lehi's petMoroniNephi's Horse
Large ArmsLamn and Lemuel's Favorite TV ShowFootball in the Book of Mormon

Category: Might be a Mormon (74)

Redneck MormonYour Serving DishesLime Jello
Teaching a LessonEmbarassingA Coke
California RelativesFamily ReunionCommon Phrase
Wedding GiftUsed the PhraseCookies and Cake
Basic Food GroupsSalad BowlsDear John
College ApplicationKid in DiapersMormon Standard Time
Party PunchLate to a Church ActivityMormon Cusswords
Food StorageLarge FamilyBYOB
Girl's CampY2K leftoversElementary School
Car SeatsWedding ReceptionKool-aid
Locked Your CarCard Carrying MemberUtah Mormon
Wild PartyTestimonyYour Down-Line
SixteenWord of WisdomFamily Furniture
ScoutingYour SpouseRecipes
Compliment?Compliment?TV Habits
Mormon CusswordsOld TestamentFamily Home Evening
Bumper StickerReading HabitsSwimsuit Contest
Football and SundaysSteve YoungRadio Station
DisneylandBuffetAnnual Family Vacation
Family ReunionStripling WarriorsYour Brothers
Your EagleAunt or UncleDivorce
Wedding PhotosMeetingsAunt or Uncle
Sweet SpiritBringing Home Coke

Category: Celestial Kingdom (29)

Just Checked InHow to Get to the Celestial KingdomAll Those Stairs
The Old CoupleA Peek at HellThe Celestial Kingdom
New BusinessHeavenly FansThree Friends
Directions to the Celestial KingdomCar Hits the ChickenThe Hereafter
The Funeral ServiceHeavenly SentinelDown Under
The Great Chalkboard in the SkyFat MormonsBaseball Fans
Going to the Celestial KingdomTour of HeavenThe Texan in Heaven
Heaven for CatsClocks in HeavenCars in Heaven
The Catholic, the Methodist, and the MormonNurses at the GatesThe Degrees of Glory Explained
Not Everyone Goes to HeavenDeparted for Heaven

Category: College Rivalries (37)

Going to JumpBlocking the viewBYU Student from So Cal
U of U GraduateU of U Graduate on the Front PorchUtah Fans
Seven DwarfsU of U DiplomasNo Shorts Allowed
Graduates from Both SchoolsBYU Football PlayerU of U Graduate
U of U HuntersThe Job InterviewArtifical Grass
BYU Football Practice DelayedDressing for the GameCan't Read? Can't Write?
Attending the U of UBYU School of Agriculture GraduateSecond Guessing
On My HonorCheeriosThe Transfer
Three DegreesTornado DivorceCougar Stadium
Rise and ShoutMickey MouseCougars at the Drive-In
New Year's EveFirst Day on the JobSkeleton in the Closet
Changing DiapersSAT ScoresSavings Bonds
BYU Astonomy Professor

Category: Other Jokes (9)

Boxes of ChocolatesThe Doctor, Architect, and LawyerSherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
A Mother's DictionaryNineteen TractorsYogurt and Utah
Guard dutySunday DeliveryThe Atheist Professor

Category: Knock Knock Jokes (5)

The Home TeachersGoliathGeneologist's Knock Knock Joke

Category: Fractured Songs (7)

I Have Five Little FingersThe China Plates Lay HiddenWe'll Be Hungry Till We Eat Again
I Love MoneyMormon GirlI Looked Out The Window
In Our Weekly Sacrament

Category: True Stories (10)

Hot in the TabernacleJ. Golden Kimball's AddictionHeber C. Kimball busts up laughing
Brigham Young and the Visiting ClergymanDad...Why are we here?Brother Brigham's Marriage Counseling
Sister Sheri L. DewJ. Golden Kimball at the DinerThe Golden Question
Travelers' Checks