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Ending High Councilor Talks

Top 10 Ways to Get a High Councilor to End His Talk.

10.  Look at your watch.  Shake it.  Hold it up to your ear.
9.  Yawn.  Stretch.  Curl up on the bench and take a nap.
8.  Start snoring.
7.  Say "Amen" loudly after every sentence.
6.  Throw your kids' cheerios up in to the air and try and catch them in your mouth.
5.  Throw your kids' cheerios at the high councilor.
4.  Lead your row in a "Chinese" fire-drill.
3.  Pull the fire alarm and lead the entire congregation in a real fire drill.
2.  Raise your hand and object.
1.  Take out your hymnbook and start singing the closing song.

- A Mormon Zone Original

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