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Checking out Books

The librarian is sitting at her desk and is surprised to see a chicken enter the library. The chicken comes up to her desk and clucks, "Book, book, book, BOOK!"

So the librarian sets a pile of books in front of the chicken. The chicken grabs them and goes out the front door.

About an hour later, the same chicken come into the library. The chicken sets the books down on the desk and again squawks, "Book, book, book, BOOK!"
Of course, the librarian is curious about what the chicken is doing with these books, but she goes ahead and gives the chicken another stack of books. The chicken again waddles out the door and down the road.

Another hour passes. Once again, the librarian hears, "Book, book, book, BOOK!" and she repeats the same process. But this time, the librarian's curiosity has gotten the better of her, so as soon as the chicken is gone, the librarian jumps up and decides to secretly follow the chicken.

The chicken heads down the road for a half mile to a farm, ducks through a fence and disappears into a group of trees.

The librarian hops the fence, and sneaks up to the trees. As she moves some branches aside, she sees the chicken standing by a pond handing each book, one-by-one, to a frog.

As the frog looks at the cover of each book, he says, "Read It. Read It. Read It. ..."

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