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The Great Chalkboard in the Sky

A brother in the ward dies and arrives at the gates of the Celestial Kingdom. He is met by Peter, who welcomes him.

Peter says, "Because you are a 'Ladder-Day' Saint, there are special entry requirements in to the kingdom. Peter shows the brother an enormous piece of chalk and says, "Take this chalk, and climb that ladder until you get to a clear space on that chalkboard."

Peter points to a chalkboard that stretches past the clouds, and into space. "You must write every sin you have ever committed on that board. When you are done, I will let you into the Celestial Kingdom."

So, the brother starts to climb the ladder, thinking, "This shouldn't be too hard. After all, I won't even use half this chalk." On his way up, he meets the bishop coming down. The brother smiles, and asks, "Done already?"

To which the bishop replies, "Nope! I'm going to get more chalk!"

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