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Missionary Riddle

Three missionaries were transferring to a new area. They stop for the evening at a motel and ask the clerk how much it is for a room. The clerk was a little bit "anti-Mormon" so he decides to charge them more than usual. "$30," he says. The missionaries talk it over and decide to split it three ways. Each of them pays $10 and they head up to the room. Meanwhile, the clerk has a change of heart and decides to refund the amount he overcharged to the missionaries. He gives $5 to the bellhop and asks him to return it to the missionaries. As the bellhop is walking up to the room, he starts to realize that it will be difficult to split $5 three ways, so he decides to pocket $2 and only give the three missionaries $1 each.

The riddle is:
If the bellhop gave each missionary $1 back, that means they each paid $9. $9x3 missionaries is $27 plus the $2 the bellhop has in his pocket makes it $29.

Where is the missing dollar?

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