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Elder's Quorum Lesson

An elder's qurorum instructor had forgotten to prepare a lesson.  So he decides to ask the class how many apples Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden.

First elder:  I think there was only one apple in the Garden.

Second elder:  I think there were ten apples.  Adam 8 and Eve ate 2.

Third elder:  I think there were sixteen apples.  Eve 8 and Adam 8 also.

Fourth elder:  I think all three of you are wrong.  If Eve 8 and Adam 82, that would be a total of 90 apples.

Fifth elder:  You guys don't know how to add at all.  According to history, Eve 81 and Adam 82.  That would be a total of 163 apples.

Sixth elder:  Wait a minute!  If Eve 81 and Adam 812, that would make a total of 893 apples.

Seventh elder:  None of you guys understand the problem in the slightest.  According to my figuring, if Eve 814 Adam and Adam 8124 Eve, that would be a total of 8,938 apples in the garden.

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