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Second Guessing

LaHurl had been attending BYU for 6 years without going on a mission and still did not have enough credits to graduate.

At the commencement ceremony, with almost the entire student body assembled, a chant broke out: "Let LaHurl graduate, Let LaHurl graduate!"

The university president, realizing he had a potential riot on his hands and being depressed at the thought of having LaHurl return for another year, calmed the crowd by announcing that if LaHurl would come up and answer a one-question exam, he would give LaHurl a diploma.

LaHurl jumped up on the stage and the president said, "You have one chance, LaHurl - What is 9 times 9?"

LaHurl beamed and blurted out, "81."

A stunned silence followed. Then a murmur. Then one cry, then another, soon the whole throng was chanting, "Give him another chance! Give him another chance!"

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