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Mormon Barbie

In celebration of Barbie's 50th birthday, Mattel has created a line of Special Edition Mormon Barbies to make creative play more realistic for LDS Primary children.

The most popular, Celestial Barbie, comes with 5.6 children. She wears a mid-calf flower print Laura Ashley dress with conservative flats and a bow in her flowing, shoulder-length hair with puffy bangs. Barbie wears a permanent smile, knows how to bake bread, store wheat, feed a family of 8 on less than $400 a month, make casseroles and Jell-O salads, and still find time to read her scriptures. When you pull the cord in her back, she becomes emotional, teary-eyed and says things like, "You have such a sweet spirit, Sister Jones" or, "Love ya." Occasionally you can find one that says, "Oh my heck!" but be warned: this is a manufacturer's defect. Celestial Barbie would never say "heck" because it's a swear word!

The following other Special Edition Mormon Barbies are also available for a limited time:

Celestial Ken, the perfect companion to Celestial Barbie.

RM Barbie - Comes with a BYU sweatshirt.

Homemaking Leader Barbie - Comes with all necessary baking equipment.

Primary President Barbie - Not very popular because this one has no hair.

RS Presidency Barbies - Sold only in a complete set, these Barbies come complete with their own agenda!

YW Leader Barbie - Comes dressed for camp with all necessary equipment.

YW Barbies - Laurels, Mia Maids, and Beehives, all cute as buttons, dressed in flannel nighties for the sleepover.

Nursery Leader Barbie - Be careful! On Sunday after church, all this one wants to do is sleep.

Organist Barbie - Has rimmed glasses and very long fingers.

Chorister Barbie - Her right arm is permanently raised to a square.

Visit Teaching Barbie's - These are only sold in a set and are expected to become a collector's item as each set has its own recorded message.

Stake Leader Barbie - Comes with a voluminous set of mini leadership manuals.

Salt Lake Leader Barbie - White hair in a hurricane do.

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