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The Missionaries and the Ghost

Two missionaries were called to open a new city. They searched and searched for an apartment to rent that was within the mission's budget and finally found an old home that was available in the price range. The owner of the place, however, warned them that some people believed the house was haunted. The missionaries didn't believe in ghosts, of course, so they went ahead and rented the place.

Two days after the elders had moved in, the ghost made its first appearance. The elders made a frantic call to the mission president and told him about the ghost, but the mission president didn't believe them and told them that the only way he would believe them was if they sent him a picture of the ghost.

So the elders got out a camera and waited. Soon, the ghost appeared for the second time. When the ghost appeared, the elders timidedly explained the situation to the ghost and asked the ghost if he would mind having his picture taken. The ghost agreed so the elders shot an entire roll of film.

The next morning, the elders rode their bikes to a one-hour photo and had the pictures developed. Unfotunately, though, when they got them back, none of the pictures showed the ghost at all.

The elders rode their bikes back to the house. The ghost, noticing the dejected look on their faces, asked them what was wrong and the elders explained what had happened.

The ghost thought a minute and then said, "Well, I guess the spirit was willing, but the flash was weak.”

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