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Many of the "Gentile" persuasion in Utah have taken to calling members of the church "Mo's."

Well, the truth is that being called a "Mo" isn't so bad. While it's not exactly a term of endearment, Mo beats some of the other things I've been called - lots of them by fellow Mo's. To ease the tension, between Mos and gentiles, I've come up with a brief Mo Lexicon. Practice these terms, learn to be comfortable with your Mo-ism.

MO:  Mormon.
NO MO:  Non-Mormon.
MO NO MO:  Apostate Mormon.
MO TOWN:  Provo.
MO PEDS:  People walking across the street to Temple Square or the MTC in Provo.
MO HAIR:  Missionary standards haircut.
PO MO:  A financially challenged Mormon.
MO LASSES:  Mormon Babes!!
MO TEL:  Bishop's interview.
SU MO:  Grad of BYU Law School.
MO GUL:  Large white Utah bird frequently seen in Church history books, parking lots and dumps.
MO RALLY:  Third quarter BYU drive against the U of U.
MO SEY:  Mormon Standard Time.
LOCO MO TION:  Post-game exodus from Cougar Stadium.
MO NOGOMY:  LDS marriage practices.
MO NOTONY:  High councilor talks. Also refers to the ward choir.
MO TIF:  Two or more Mormons engaged in a heated difference of opinion.
MO LDIE:  Older LDS member, temple worker, high priest, etc.
MO SIAH:  Italian member's expression of dismay.
MO TION:  What LDS do to coffee, tea, tobacco and alcoholic drinks.
MO B:  Desert.
MO BILE:  Trailer park Mormons.
MO BILE (pronunciation of the town):  Tithing.
MO BIUS:  A proud aclamation of one's LDS'ness.
MO BIUS STRIP:  Only performed in modest or appropriate circumstances.
MO DEL:  Where the Mormon farmer hangs out.
MO DERN:  A Mormon cuss word - softer than "fetch."
MO DIFY:  A Mormon in open rebellion.
MO DULATE:  How outsiders refer to "Mormon Standard Time"
MO DULE:  Since killing isn't allowed, it usually amounts to scripture chase.
MO HAWK:  Mormon's in favor of war.
MO HICAN:  An strong supposition that a particular male LDS is able to do the task in question.
NO MO MO:  What Governer Boggs tried to achieve.
NO MO MO MO:  What Governer Boggs tried to achieve and the state in which he tried to achieve it.
MO LDS:  What we get when we do our missionary work and from "filling the measure of our creation".
MO CKING:  Thomas S. Monson.
MO CCASIN:  Drinking coffee.
MO LAR:  One who doesn't do his hometeaching, but says he does.
MO NARCH:  A Mormon DEA Agent.
MO NOPHOBIA:  Why Mormons have so many kids.
MO REOVER:  A Mormon dog.
MO RROW:  Where a pew is found.
MO ROSE:  Flowers that adorn the church podium.
MO SAIC:  Needs to call the home teachers for a blessing.
MO SLEM:  Salt Lake City's West Side.
MO NOLINGUAL:  First week in the MTC.
MO LYMPICS:  SLC in 2002.
MO P:  LDS Missionaries get one of these days each week.

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