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Off the Deep End

Top 10 Signs Your Primary President Has Gone Off the Deep End

10.  Instead of putting cut-outs on a felt board, she staples them to the backs of children.
9.  Assigns kids 2 1/2 hour talks.
8.  Has children write letters to Barney the Dinosaur at Christmas.
7.  Nursery snack is a cup of Maxwell House and a bearclaw.
6.  Teaches show tunes during Sharing Time.
5.  She's made a nice little home for herself in the baptismal font.
4.  The halter top and stiletto heels.
3.  Has announced her engagement to Wilford Woodruff.
2.  Accuses the Bishop of being a powerful robot from the future sent back in time to kill her.
1.  Claims she doesn't like jello.

- Submitted by:  Mike Bingham (with some modifications)

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