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J. Golden Kimball at the Diner

J. Golden Kimball and David O. McKay went to Cache Valley for a stake conference one cold winter day. Expecting poor road conditions, they left very early, but they did not encounter any delays. Since they had plenty of time, they decided to visit a local diner for some breakfast.

After seating them, the waitress asked the two General Authorities what they would like to eat. David O. ordered some ham and eggs. J. Golden requested the same.

“And some hot chocolate…”, David O. politely added.

Wanting something a bit stronger, J. Golden gulped and said he might as well have the same to drink. Then while David O. studied his notes J. Golden excused himself and slipped into the back of the kitchen. He found the waitress and quietly asked her to please slip a little coffee in his hot chocolate to help him get jump started on that cold morning. He then returned to the table.

The waitress soon came out with their breakfast. "Which one of you gentleman ordered the coffee in his hot chocolate?" she asked in a loud voice.

David O. looked up from his notes, completely surprised, and then began to turn red with embarrassment - or perhaps it was anger at J. Golden for his open disregard for the Word of Wisdom. (At that time Cache Valley was about 99% Mormon and everyone in the diner knew exactly who they were and what they were doing there.)

J. Golden then piped up, "Why don't you put a little in my cup too."

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