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LDS Missionaries Convert Pope

ROME, ITALY – LDS Church growth in this city, home of the Vatican, has been increasing in recent years. Many LDS members were unaware of this growth and were audibly surprised at the recent announcement in General Conference of a new LDS temple to be built in this city, long a strong-hold of the Catholic Church.

The surprise over the announcement of a new temple to be built in Rome, however, may pale in comparison to the shock of Elders John Smith and Fred Young, both missionaries from Orem, Utah serving in the Rome, Italy mission, at a referral card they received last month.

According to Smith, “We could not believe our eyes when the referral arrived. We suspected it might be a joke being played on us by the Zone Leaders. We receive so few referrals to begin with that receiving such a golden referral was simply beyond belief. We even called the AP’s to confirm that the address and name on the card were correct.”

Young claims the entire experience has been very humbling. “We are only glad to have been, in some small way, participants in this great work and, are thankful for having been serving in this great city to experience this amazing series of events.”

The elders’ investigators, George Pope and his wife Mary, both history professors from Brazil currently researching 16th century papal documents, will be baptized this week. Elders Smith and Young are also teaching the Cardinals, in-laws to the Popes, and they are encouraged at their progress as investigators.

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