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Provo Declares Itself the 51st State

PROVO, UT - In recent years, the population of Provo, Utah has increased dramatically, causing watchers to speculate the city would need to take drastic action.  That speculation is now over.  Provo has declared itself the 51st state.

"We were getting too big for just a city," explained a city council member, speaking on the condition that he remain anonymous. "Besides, the timing was right.  If we had waited any longer we wouldn't have been able to get my relatives elected to the Senate next year."

"It was actually simpler than we thought it would be," declared another council member, "All we did was fill out Congressional form 12-23-4567-234A-67B (Petition to become the 51st State) in triplicate.  The entire process took about two weeks."

City work crews today were busy installing port-of-entry terminals on key roads in to Provo.

The Mayor has been declared interim Governor.  City Council members will fill all Provo Senate seats until elections can be held.  The first elections are scheduled for October 26, 2020.

The new legislature has been busy.  Today, they passed one of the largest state income tax measures of any of the 51 states.

Editor's note: This article first appeared in the Mormon Zone on November 10, 1999. Recent rumors indicate Provo may soon apply for acceptance in to the European Union.

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